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Alertbox   User research findings, Design guidelines for Web and intranet usability, Top-10 mistakes of Web design, How to write for the Web.

All Things Web: The Usable Web   The ATW Usable Web Index   Improve your web site, check your HTML, browser compatibility & check for dead links. Improve ranking on search engines, increase hits & traffic

Art and the Zen of Web Sites   TLC Systems is a management consulting firm,specializing in the architecture, design, and implementation of systems involving computers and people.

BBC News   Web designers are not on the same wavelength as surfers when it comes to creating sites, says a US study.

Hot Text: Web Writing That Works   Resources at  Hot Text -- Web Writing that Works

HTML Authoring Tools   Web Stuff

Spool, Jared: Hard Evidence from Research   Jared Spool Presents Hard Evidence

Spool, Jared: Web Graphic Design Is Not What You Think, A Usability Perspective   It's Not What You Think

STC SIG - Usability   STC Usability Web Site

100 Things to Do to Make a Better Site   100 Things

Tognazzini, Bruce: First Principles   Basic principle of human-computer interaction, from AskTog, the Webzine for Computer Professionals, their Family, and Friends

Universal Usability   Universal Usability: A universal design approach to web usability   Your guide for developing usable and useful Web sites

Usable Web   Usable Web is a collection of 786 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.   Usable information design for faster, more educational, and better designed websites.   Research findings from many usability studies from 1994-2009. Regular Alertbox column + Web design guidelines. Conferences and training events.

Vaspers the Grate: Web Credibility Destroyers   Vaspers the Grate: Peoria Illinois web usability, music marketing, online video: Web Credibility Destroyers

The WDVL: Designing Attractive Web Pages   The Web Developer's VirtualLibrary is a resource for web development, including aJavaScript tutorial, html tag info, JavaScript events, htmlspecial characters, paint shop pro, database normalization, PHPand more.

WDVL: Usability Testing in Practice   If you're interested in Web site usability then it's likely that you've come across the concept of professional usability testing. It's also likely that the practicalities of testing have remained a mystery, because very little has been published about it

Web Development   This web summarizes the complete life cycle methodology for web development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, and innovation. Key practices and online resources are given for each process.

Web Pages That Suck   Web Pages That Suck -- learn good web design by looking at bad web design

Webmaster's Corner   NewRamp Web Hosting offers 99.99% uptime, dedicated support, and Webmasters' Corner, a biweekly column of tips and points for webmasters.

A List Apart - The Perfect 404   A List Apart: Articles: The Perfect 404

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003 (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)   Sites are getting better at using minimalist design, maintaining archives, and offering comprehensive services. However, these advances entail their own usability problems, as several prominent mistakes from 2003 show.

Five Usability Principles For Web Design   Five usability principles for Web design Graphics Tools: - Study: Design lacking in e-tail sites   Some of the leading online stores are mediocre at best when it comes to design, according to a Jakob Nielsen study. A CNET article by Troy Wolverton, Staff Writer. Published on June 3, 2002 3:30 PM PDT. - Analysis: Web sites are locking out the disabled   Office buildings have wheelchair ramps and TV has closed captioning, but many Web sites are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Things don't have to be that way.

Human Factors International - Web Usability Tips   10 Web design tips from Human Factors International to help guide you through the usability design maze.

IBM DeveloperWorks: Web Architecture   The Web development section on the developerWorks Web site is your resource for information on Web 2.0, Ajax, wikis, PHP, mashups, and other Web projects.

Java Software Human Interface   Welcome to the Java Software Human Interface pages. Here you will find information on the Java look and feel, papers, guidelines, an invitation to participate in our Usability Studies and other topics related to Human Interface.

Klariti Guide to Usability and Information Architecture   Information Architecture - the art of expressing a model or concept for information

Navigation 101   The Web Developer's VirtualLibrary is a resource for web development, including aJavaScript tutorial, html tag info, JavaScript events, htmlspecial characters, paint shop pro, database normalization, PHPand more.

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